Bootcamp vs. Crossfit (not a fair fight)

You all knew this was coming, if you know about bootcamp and crossfit then you were probably sitting there thinking “How long will it take for her to get to get to crossfit?” It does seem like the logical step after nearly 10 months of camping. BUT… Somehow I think there is a step missing, a step that will make the cross over from camping to crucifixion (CROSSfit) less like dying and more like slowly drowning in a sea of sweat. A step that feels and looks more natural… OR maybe that’s the whole point. Getting from horizontal running to bootcamp (with actual running) is already like stepping onto a 2m high box.

I personally feel that Bootcamp is Crossfit’s retarded cousin. You know the one at the family reunions that you try and avoid but you can’t cos she is so funny to watch! Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking bootcamp at all, I love bootcamp (everyone loves the retarded cousin, its family after all), I have muscles, I’m stronger… all in all camping is doing me a world of good, I am just saying that when compared to crossfit, bootcamp is less. But you know what they say, less is more. (I don’t think I can use that one here, less exercise is deffo more flab but not more muscle)

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I hate the jiggle

Where is all this coming from? You ask… Well, Tuesday we shared a studio with a new class of crossfitters. I gotta tell you, it was intimidating to say the least. Our humble 3 person (including instructor) group doing our squats and skipping, lunges and planks quietly in the corner, while a group of roughly 20 muscled beauts (men and women) do hand-stand-push-ups, some Spiderman looking pull ups, dead-lifts, walking on the hands NOT quietly.



It’s safe to say I stood with my back towards these machines of bone and muscle. To be honest (cos usually I’m a big fat liar) it was slightly motivational having them there. I mean come on, when you are doing little circles with a 5kg weight while some other woman is doing 60kg dead-lifts you are bound to be motivated to at least not stop circling till the time is up. If there were only females I would not have stood with my back towards them, I’d be getting my motivation and encouragement, but the guys that were there were all soooooo good looking and well-built that I felt slightly shy (NO WAY, SHY?!… I know right?) to face them.

So to some up, bootcamp is great, will always be great, but seeing the crossfit thing happening makes you feel like a retard, but also you feel like – That’ll be me soon, spidermonkey-ing up that crossbar like I’m being chased by a tiger.


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