Sh!t happens and then you grow!

Walking to and from work has proven to be a philosophical experience… here is why:

In the beginning of spring time everything smells like manure, everyone chucks the stuff over their grass cos it all died in the winter. End of last week one of the offices I walk past covered their very dead very yellow grass with cow sh!t. The smell is awful and the stretch of grass just exceeds my lung capacity for holding my breath so I gotta tough it out.  What I did notice is that after about 2 days of the manure on the grass new super green grass started sprouting, now a week later its almost picnic worthy… almost cos there is still manure all over.


So the philosophical experience I got is as follows:

Sometimes you need to be covered with sh!t to grow, especially during the rough times. When you are at your lowest and the only way is up. Yes, you will stink, emotionally and sometimes even physically (it happens), yes people won’t necessarily want to spend time with your stinky ass, but it makes you grow. While you are in your sh!itty position don’t shy away from good things tho, I mean, that grass wouldn’t grow at all if it wasn’t watered and didn’t get the sunshine thats needed.

Yes water and sunshine on it’s own will help you grow but add the crap of life and you grow sooo much faster.

On a semi-related note…

Funny stuff...

Funny stuff…


4 thoughts on “Sh!t happens and then you grow!

    • I thought so too (I even voicenoted myself so I can remember… that is true commitment to a topic, I believe), Thank you for being my sunshine!!


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