The land of 2 seasons

All my fellow Jo’burgers will know what I am talking about. Jo’burg has 2 seasons, Fire and Ice, Lemon & Herb and Hot-as-Hell, Fireballs and Chappies… you get the picture. Not summer, autumn, winter, spring! Summer and winter. If you are not from Jo’burg or even South Africa then let me ‘splain this to you.

We don’t really have autumn or spring… here is why I think we don’t: The 1st of September is celebrated in South Africa as Spring day because September to November are the spring months. It’s in September that most people usually chuck all their winter stuff into the vault never to be looked at again for the next 9 months. Most of the time the girls will wear a summer dress with a light jersey, even if it’s not much hotter than the 31st of August. “Dammit, it is the first day of spring and I will look like a flower, even if my skin turns blue from the cold.”


A dress shall be worn!

Well this year Spring Day was the coldest day of the year in Jo’burg, NO ONE was wearing summer dresses, the heaters were on full blast and families were gathered under blankets so thick they looked like one big blob. 2 Weeks later it rains, now the locals know what that means… the first time it rains in September means that summer is here, it is as if the rain is the last bit of the cold getting flushed out of the system. So in the space of 2 weeks we went from about 15ᵒC to about 27ᵒC. (United Kingdom readers, yes I know that is how hot your summer was, even with the “heat wave” teehee)


And good days to follow…

I came to the decision a few years ago that I will not complain about the heat in summer, because I complain about the cold in winter. I DISLIKE WINTER INTENSELY, and that entitles me to a certain percentage of moan-age!!!  If I complain about the heat and the cold then that is just not fair, I can almost see God going “it’s too hot, it’s too cold, blah blah blah, there is just no pleasing you, is there?! Just be thankful!” So, that is why I do not complain about winter.

Jo’burg’s summers are THE BEST, it is hot, it isn’t humid and we get intense thunderstorms, those are the best. I love the thunderstorms the most. The smell in the air before and after the storm is almost better than Diesel Fuel for Life (which I would just about sell my soul for).

So if you were wondering what makes South Africa so amazing apart from the Springboks, Nelson Mandela and Die Heuwels Fantasties… now you can add amazing summer’s to the list.

Here is a song from Die Heuwels Fantasties about spring…


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