Exercise Hangover!!

Imagine for a second if there was such a  thing as the morning after pill for exercise, just something to think about quick.

I think lactic acid build up is the hangover of exercise, cos there you are, bootcamping the fat out of your body, having a good time, smiling, or frowning… sometimes you can’t tell the difference. You feel good, you feel strong. then you have a shower, go to bed and pat yourself on the shoulder for doing those 10 burpee-box-jumps like a Jack Russel on roids.

The Mask

You know what I mean…

Then the next morning you wake up and think, it’s a beautiful day. Birds are swaying, trees are singing, BEAUTIFUL! You get dressed and feel fine, you walk to work and feel fine, you sit at work and feel fine. Then by about 11am the lactic acid gremlin appears in every imaginable muscle in your body. You are too afraid to stand up, or sit down and you are definitely not going to fight fight fight, unless it is with the person asking you to do something other than lay in the semi fetal position and cry. If it wasn’t for the endorphins and the feel-good hormones running through my veins making me smile through the tears I would kick someone.

After I get up...

After I get up…

That, my dear reader, is exactly what I am going through today. Sitting at my desk minding my own business, singing a song, drawing a flower. Then I get up and its like my ass all of a sudden said “Oi, there’s muscle here… Make it burn!” On a positive note, my bum will soon be “that ass” worthy… and I am super excited about that, just don’t ask me to show any excitement, thats too much movement. Ok on another positive note, there is nothing more satisfying than an exercise hangover… as it will from now on be known!! I think that’s pretty clever if you ask me.

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