Heels Feels

Listening to the radio the other day (which I never do, cos it irritates me out of my sanity… tooooo much talking, not enough music) the presenter was talking about high heels and how it came about, what the pro’s and cons are and she also had a podiatrist with whom she did a Q & A. Also she said that ladies should phone in and give their opinion about heels. Some lady phoned in and said that she in fact does not own even one pair of heels (this was as a reply to the presenter saying that she thinks that all women have at least one pair of heels), this lady wears sneakers all the time, now I’m all for comfort but dang, thats a bit extreme, aint it? Then this other fanatic called in and I felt like stabbing her in the eye with my heel, she was all like, I wear heels all the time, even at the beach. This was my reaction…

High Heels


First off, I’m pretty sure all women know the ups and downs of wearing heels, when you wear them you are up and when you don’t wear them you are down. Basic physics and all. More seriously, us women go by the pain-is-beauty thing way to religiously. Yes, a pretty/hot high heel does boost the confidence levels and make you want to defy Zeus and his gang of Olympians because heck… I’m wearin’ HEELS BITCHES!!!  YES, legs look amazing in heels and yes, heels “updo” any casual look.

Heels, Classy, Casual

Well thats just what I think…

But, why wear heels ALL the time? I don’t understand how women function in heels all the time. I knew a girl who would not go out without heels cos she felt too short without them. How the heck must I feel? I can’t adjust my knees cos I feel to tall… be beautiful the way you were made. That being said, I wear the crap out of a pair of high heels… I become Helga the Amazon Woman from times past with a pair of heels on, and I don’t mind. BUT I also prefer walking barefoot to wearing heels. When the occasion arises, and arise it shall, heels shall be donned for a night out, or to finish that awesome corporate  look. Everytime I think of heels and the pain and the agony and the sexiness and and and I remember this line from one of my all time favorite movies (for more reasons than Channing Tatum)

She's the Man

Love this movie…

I have to put this in here now… can’t say Channing Tatum without showing Channing Tatum.

channing Tatum, she's the man

In the words of Monica Geller – Humana humana humana


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