That’s a HUGE b!tch…

I couldn't resist... :p

I couldn’t resist… :p

I have heard that once or twice, not because I am, for lack of a more sensitive word, obese, but because I am tall. Not hide-your-children-here-she-comes tall but taller than the average female in South Africa. I am 1.78m barefoot (foot here also means size 7/8/9 shoe depending on the shoe), also, I’m not a b!tch… jus’ sayin’. I have always wanted to be taller, 1.85m to be exact. It’s just that 1.85 looks and sounds more rounded and impressive than 1.78… it makes a difference when you have people asking you how tall you are all the time.

I love being tall, there are so many perks/pro’s to being tall;  I never have to ask anyone to get me something off of the top shelf (unless the top shelf is built for Goliath), I am a mean Goal Keeper and Goal Defense  in netball, I turned out to be a mean goal shooter last night as well, long arms and legs help a lot; I have killer legs, shapely, strong and LONG – my inner leg measurement is about 36 inches; people don’t *”sukkel” with me, especially when I wear high heels. I also have a pretty big bone structure so I take longer to look as big as what I weigh, which is a blessing in disguise I suppose… I can legitimately say I’m not fat, I’m just big boned *YESSSS*


I did some quick web research and it seems that the average height of a South African woman is 1.59m… I am almost 20cm taller than that. Here’s a graph for you to understand (cos I was bored).

BUT… for all the positives there are also some negatives, some cons. I will only name one, the worst one. I rarely find pants that fit me all round – meaning length and width. I have been cursed/blessed with “Boesman boude” as my family likes to point out constantly. For those non-South African’s, and I suppose non-Afrikaans readers, “Boesman boude” means Bushman bum AKA round, not necessarily fat but definitely round, the type of round that J-Lo paid for. See the pic of the early Southern Africa natives – the Bushmen – to know what I mean.


Ok, mine aint THAT round…

Jennifer Lopez, ass, butt, bum

not this BIG either!!!

“What does this have to do with finding pants?” you ask. Sit, sit, and let me tell you. The lovely clothing outlets in South Africa don’t tend to cater much for my special type of needs – long legs, big ass – and if I do find something then it is highly expensive. I found that Levi’s South Africa caters for my shape better than others when it comes to jeans, but they are not the most affordable, and what about fancy work pants? It’s so bad that I have given up on buying pants, mostly because I do not want to end up in either jail or Groendakkies for having a fit and attacking a shop assistant with the too-short, too-small, too-everything pair of pants.

My answer to myself… learn how to sew properly (I say properly cos I can sew, but not the intricate stuff) and make your own awesome clothes.

*look for trouble


2 thoughts on “That’s a HUGE b!tch…

  1. I’m a proud 1.86 m tall girl with size 11/12 feet (It’s terrible). You struggle to find pants that fit and I struggle to find shoes that fit! Where do you buy shoes??


    • Yikes, that’s rough. I buy shoes from Jet, Edgars or Woolworths. I’m not a shoe fanatic so I don’t buy often. I know woolworths goes up to a size 9. there are some places like big & tall that have larger sizes of clothes and shoes, but I’ve never been there. Where do you find pants that are long enough? I want to be as tall as you.
      Oh and btw, thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


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