This is the first little bit of a post I wrote about 2 months agoSometimes I look at that saying and I think… HELL NO! There is no way that getting a new haircut or changing a room around in the house can be as good as a holiday, and then at other times I think. If only I could change something. Read the post to get the whole thing. What I am on about is that I need a holiday, as in NOW!! But, I have settled for a little change, I changed my room around, its bigger now and easier to keep neat. Now I am wanting to change my hair, I’m still on the mermaid hair thing but that reaaaalllyyy limits the amount of change that can be brought.

On the one hand I am thinking lets keep the length, chop the tips (which will probably end up being about 3cm’s because of split ends) and maybe start wearing my fringe to the side. I’ve been rocking the Jo’burg bitch fringe (thats what I call it) for almost 2 years and I still love it, it’s easy and classy, BUT even though I still get A LOT of compliments on my hair (YES!! got 2 in one night this weekend) I feel its time for a little change. So its either this…

Long hair, Fringe

Keep the length, sweep the fringe?

OR THIS! (I know… Its crazy)

Katy Holmes, Short Hair, Fringe

Keep the fringe, CHOP the hair?

Was a good style, minimal maintenance!!

I know…

A friend told me that I would look good with this look… Its a very drastic change but I have had my hair shorter than that before and got loads of compliment then also. I don’t think that I will cut it this short because when I want to grow it out again then it gets to that awkward phase just above your shoulder where it looks weird. Or maybe its just me. I have a slight kink in my hair and that slight kink becomes even more prominent when my hair is short, which means more maintenance.

Or should I stick with my current style, just give some TLC? What do you think? (and NO, I am not changing the colour!!)


4 thoughts on “Change?

  1. Hmmm… Descisions, decisions… I love both! But do feel the bob might just be a marvelous push into change-ville! So sleek and sexy! Bear in mind two things – wedding in May (what are you planning to do with your hair for this momentous occasion where you will be front and centre – next to the bride?) and two – shorter styles tend to make you appear older (I have noticed on some ladies). But, in the end, age is just a number – and you have the attitude to pull of anything! Except a mullet – no one can pull those off – like ever! xxx


    • Marvelous as in GO GIRL push or Marvelous as in you will regret it push? Thank you for reminding me of the hair thing for the wedding, I never think of that… yikes. On another note… Im pretty sure I could wear a mullet better than the best Westrand lady :p


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