I think we can all agree that oxygen is a pretty important part of every-minute life. Without O2 we all cease to exist. Shit, without good ‘ol O2 we never existed in the first place. When I was in high school, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, my favorite subjects were Biology and Physiology. I discovered a passion for it that I can’t explain, to this day I still remember some of the work. I think it stems from being in awe of the Creator of it all. When you pay attention to the little things, the details, then you realise just how amazing and awesomely clever God is, and for Him to say that He knit me together in my mother’s womb… that is just even greater. He spent special time with each of us. Signing His Name differently for each person, like and artist hiding his signature on pieces of art.

Psalm 139:13

That’s a lot of intricate stitching…

Anyways, back to breathing and what not. I learnt in biology that oxygen, apart from keeping us alive, is slowly, oh so slowly, killing us by aging our cells. I can’t remember all the nitty gritty details and so on, but what it comes down to is if we could make our cells immune to the side effects of oxygen (or make oxygen that doesn’t have that effect on our cells), we could live forever. Imagine that, I don’t want to live forever but you know, some people want to. I see a futuristic movie storyline here… Superman needs to be in it, he could hide the oxygen tank of youth in his crystal palace or something. *making notes*

Superman, Crystal

“now I know it’s around here somewhere, I really should keep this place tidy.”

So what this is all about is, on Tuesday Phoenix had some Cellfood Sport, which is a Oxygen for Life product that is way too complicated to explain so go read about it here… What I will say is that is takes on this oxygen aging your cells thing, which sounds quite cool. Also what it does for the sporty/active/boot camping type is it increases the oxygen that goes to the cells which boosts your performance. So as you can imagine Phoenix was on fire (see what I did there?) on Tuesday, and I had a bad workout session, felt like a newby. So yesterday Phoenix suggested I take some liquid oxygen (you laugh… it totally exists, check it out), which I did. 20 Drops of the stuff in some water. I don’t know if it boosted my performance or even if it upped the cells’ O2 intake… I was dying either way. Maybe it did, maybe it just has some sort of placebo effect. Either way the 60 semi-(very girly) pull-ups I (semi) did, still won! However I do feel that I did better yesterday than on Tuesday, so thank you Phoenix.

Cellfood Sport

Basically… drinkable oxygen.

Your thoughts on performance enhancers, yay or nay and why?


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