Bootcamp: revisited!!

I have been boot camping for about 5 months, and while I feel better about the fact that I am actively doing something to improve the list of things I have about myself that needed improving, I still feel like more needs to be done. More!!! More aching, more pain, more sweat, more blood (there hasn’t been blood, but it sounds baddass enough), more time, more death… and now I’m racking my brain for frighting things to put a “more” in front of, and I’m going to stop myself before I get to more zombies. You get the picture though…


Yowzah… wrong picture!!!

Yes, so, more of what happens before, during and after boot camp. Before, there’s a lot of “Hooah Bitches, Fist Bumps, High Fives, We Got This(es)” and sometimes prayers. Imagine the Springboks’ rugby team locker room before they go out to annihilate every other team that wishes to stand against their awesomeness… now replace the guys with some girls and the green and gold with some pink and spandex and you got boot camp (Disclaimer – I do not work out in pink.) . During, it’s mostly the sounds you hear either from behind closed doors (I’m talking about the toilet here…) or from a maternity ward. Ranging from grunts, to moans, to screams, to whimpers and then obviously the ever present push it… PUSH IT LADIES!!! coming from the instructor. After, it looks like what’s left behind after the Springboks had been there. There are sweaty bodies, a few tears, some blood (still badass even if it’s not true), sometimes fainting, occasionally there would be food that no longer wanted to rent the moving apartment that is your stomach during the 20th burpee of the night. And yes… I want more of all of that. Especially the Springbok rugby team locker room…


Not a locker room but still… sigh!!

Focus woman!

I want to go even further. I want to be able to NOT buckle during my 5th non-girly push up, I want to breeze through doing 20 burpees right after each other, I want to be able to do a pull up (focus on “a” as in “one” for now). Someone asked me what my motivation behind boot camp is and I came to the conclusion that apart from wanting to look hot, I want to be proud of myself for achieving something, for sticking to it and through it and struggling with it and myself. I want to enter the Air Force and not have a hard time doing actual, real ass, boot camp. I want it to be MY abs, legs, arms, ass whatever that gets used as the backdrop of some inspirational, motivational, exercise propaganda (which I appreciate). Oh and I want people to look at me and see that I can do some serious harm to them… If I wanted to.


Maybe I should just be scantily dressed and carry dangerous looking knives.


2 thoughts on “Bootcamp: revisited!!

  1. WOW! Gimme MORE of these types of posts! I also want more – motivation also! Damn you gonna be amped for Bootcamp tonight woman! Oh, and what’s wrong with training in pink?


    • There is nothing wrong with training in pink, I prefer other colours though haha. Maybe all black, it would be like a funeral for my fat ;). I’m glad you liked the post… it was written for my person as well!! MEGA AMPED !!


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