The world makes blood look good!!

Think about the series Dexter… You got it? It’s all blood and it’s all messy… yet we keep watching. WHY??! Why do we keep watching something that gives us nightmares or weird dreams? I’ll tell you my theory.


Angel?! Really?

If you have watched Dexter from Season 1 then you know all about Dexter Morgan and how he turned out to be a serial killer. The most loved serial killer. If you don’t know Dexter, here’s a brief breakdown. (if you want a more in depth breakdown… here you go

Dexter is a blood splatter analyst for Miami Metro Police. He was adopted by a cop who found him in a container sitting in his mother’s blood (She had been hacked up by a chainsaw… sorry for the graphicness). As you can well imagine this had quite an impact on little Dexter. As he grew up he started killing animals and his dad saw this thing in him (Dexter refers to this thing as The Dark Passenger) and taught Dexter the CODE, the Code to kill people, only bad people and not get caught. That is rule numero uno… Don’t get caught. So as time goes on Dexter starts to kill bad people. Only people who are either killers or rapists or child molesters, you know the deal.  He doesn’t just kill them; he hacks them up into neat pieces with an electrical saw and keeps a slide of blood as a souvenir. Bottom line, there is a lot of blood in the show. 

Let’s take it apart a bit. We as humans don’t like murderers. I mean just look at February 14th in South Africa, where Oscar Pistorius’ girlfriend was found shot dead in his house. I won’t go into detail (go read here) but SO MANY had pointed to Oscar, turning their backs on him, not giving him the time of day. This is the great Oscar Pistorius, Paralympic athlete, sprint blade runner. But when we look at Dexter, we feel compassion for him. We don’t want bad things to happen to him because he has had it so rough already. SERIOUSLY? He ritually kills people. Over and over. PREMEDITATED, and we as the audience want him to kill these people because they are bad. But what makes Dexter any better than the people he kills? Yes, ok, Dexter is orphaned and, as he says, was born in blood, BUT Oscar has no legs… Who has it rougher?

Oscar Pistorius, Paralympics 2012

I suppose it’s all about your level of sensitivity. But the world is desensitising us, movies and TV shows are making us “gevoelloos” (feeling-less) and has made blood look inviting! Take that Twilight saga crap for instance, or Vampire Diaries. Blood, rituals, sacrifices, vampires, werewolves, warlocks… I get the creeps just writing that… but I sat and watched episode after episode of VD. Wanting to know what happens (never Twilight, my level of intellect goes WAYYYYY beyond Twilight), wanting to know if that really hot guy is going to start dating that pretty girl… or will he suck her blood? I felt sorry for the poor hot guy who had somehow been cursed with the werewolf curse and had excruciating pain as he turned into a werewolf on his first full moon, and the pretty girl vampire who sat by his side until he almost killed her. Felt sorry for the warlock dad who lost his warlock son while they were doing some spell that makes him go into someone else’s house and be invisible but able to move things… You see where I’m going with this? We are made to feel sorry, compassion for the wrong stuff.

Vampire Diaries

Glamorous… bloody glamorous.

What are your thoughts on this?


6 thoughts on “The world makes blood look good!!

  1. You are so right. I live in a neighborhood that is supposed to be safe, but recently we had a home invasion. That’s pretty brazen given the fact that most people in this area have guns. Yet, they broke in on the guy and killed him. These people are completely desensitized.


    • I think most people are desensitised, especially when it comes to violence and poverty. Being South African we see so much poverty that we almost cast a blind eye, I’m not proud of it but its a fact. Thanks for the comment 🙂


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