Life without technology

Have you ever thought what life would be like without the computer that you are currently reading this post on while listening to music on your iSomething and speaking to your Samsung Smart TV to change the channel to the rugby match that just started, and then apologising to the person you are currently in deep conversation with on the bluetooth headset jammed into your ear. All while chatting on Skype AND Facebook to a friend about this awesome blog you found. *Taking a bow*… at this point I do think you realise that to be able to accomplish that whole scenario you had to be Einstein in a female’s body, but I think even Einstein would be slightly baffled with where we are with technology today. And with we I mean the rest of the world cos South Africa is about 3 years behind. I realised in this past long weekend (Youth Day public holiday in South Africa) that technology has not advanced us as far as we think. It has made us more lazy, more forgetful and less sociable whilst becoming more socially awkward – Theres a picture for ya!


Thats about right…

Think about it though, we are not obliged to remember anything anymore, apart from eating and taking care of normal bodily functions, until Apple or Japan comes up with some technologically advanced way of taking care of… well… business some other, faster, better, less human way, like taking a pill or having a chip implanted somewhere. Who knows? Anyway, getting kinda off topic, so back to not having to remember much anymore, we also don’t have to make time anymore, you know the time that we now have so little of cos its all being eaten up by technology… no no wait, its being eaten up by the lazy ass person that we became thanx to technology. We see technology taking the place of everything from exercise to Personal Assistants… Hello Siri! It’s no wonder our grandparents are constantly telling us to go outside and read a book or something. Our brains are devolving, thats what I think. Or maybe it’s just mine.


This is Siri, she does everything… except feed you and wipe your bum.

All this being said I use technology as much as the next person, well the next middle-classed South African person with limited Wi-Fi, lets face it, everything runs off of Wi-Fi. I just feel that maybe, just maybe we should change our ways, not become Mormons but maybe just be less dependent on technology. How can we have so little time anymore when all the technology around us is designed to give us more time. Who needs to drive 30 minutes to a coffee date when there is Facebook and Skype, who needs to get into a car to go monthly shopping when that can be ordered online and delivered right to your door, who needs to remember to take their stuff out of a car before the car leaves when the driver can be called on the spot and asked to turn around? **I type this on my computer while listening to music from said computer whilst chatting to a friend on my phone… hypocrite? Maybe. Concerned, definitely.

Oh and upon closing… I leave you with a little Dylan.


11 thoughts on “Life without technology

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