That’s weird!

Last week I had tonsillitis and if my memory serves me right (as it usually does), the illness is supposed to be quite a bit more, er, grueling than it was. I woke up today a week ago with swollen tonsils and the whole shebang, so I just took some anti-inflammatories and a sore throat pill that you need to suck every morning. Not the best tasting pill but it obviously helped, cos by Friday I was right as rain. *Side note: How right is rain anyway???* And we’re moving along… So yes I’m perfectly healthy now, played netball last night (and lost by 4 points) but it was great. The only thing that I don’t like right now is the feeling that I have lost my motivation to exercise. Amazing how a week without it changed my mood, BUT I shall kill the passive mood during Bootcamp tonight. I have to!

Motivation, exercise

I do this sometimes…

I’m starting to dislike my all-over-the-place thinking brain a bit. Just for once I’d like it to focus on one thing and stay focused on it till the goal has been reached. You know, stick to the exercise, become ripped, better ripped than Swank and Biel put together with a dash of mean ass tiger in there, accomplish one thing I set my mind to initially. Just once I’d like to experience the feel of victory over myself. If I could clone myself (which would be awesome on sooo many levels) I would kick my own lazy ass. It would be like Double Impact, Van Damme vs Van Damme… only with me it would be Swank vs Lazy-Ass.

Double Impact

Say what you will, this man could fight!

So I think if you don’t keep at it, the exercise not the watching of Van Damme movies (which is totally acceptable), then your body goes back into fat-girl mode. Dylan Moran has this great piece in one of his shows…

That last part has me laughing soundlessly every time. “I would stab you to death but I can’t afford to take the 2 weeks off work”. When I am done laughing though, I have this sinking feeling in my stomach that if I don’t watch myself that could be my face thats the tiny island in the see of flab! Slight exaggeration but you know what I mean.

To sign off, I leave you with this. Drink your vitamins so you don’t get ill and can’t exercise, cos that motivational boat might pass you by and then you gotta hustle your fat ass over to it. At least it’s only been a week… but I feel that even a week is too long. HELP!!!!!


4 thoughts on “That’s weird!

  1. O I am with you on the fat and lazy boat Swanky! Today we shall skip to our untimely demise that will be riddled with exhaustion. We’ll get off the fat boat and onto the fit bus. Or something like that…


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