Tonsillitis… Wait, WHAT?!

When you come to a certain age in your life, you know your own body pretty well and you know what certain tell-tale signs are or lead to… from when the flu is creeping up to when that mad trucker lady with the red 18-wheeler is about to crash into your uterus with the speed of an F1 car on E! Even when some of these things only happen every few years, like for instance tonsillitis. Most people my age have already had their tonsils removed. I still have mine and I don’t mind still having them, they are usually pretty quiet tenants, also I’m more complete than the others (that’s what I tell myself).

Tonsils, appendix

Tonsils? Check. Appendix? Check.

When I woke up on Tuesday KNOWING (cos you just KNOW) I have tonsillitis, or that tonsillitis is at the front desk of the hotel that is my body, I wanted to flip my lid. I think my house mate and very good friend can attest that I totally did flip my lid. Not because its gross and uncomfortable and makes it difficult to swallow and there is constantly phlegm (WEIRD ASS SPELLING) no matter what you do, and and and. No, I had a floozy because it’s really a dumbass idea to exercise while your ill in any way. So I’m not bootcamping at all this week. Seriously it sucks. Right when I find my groove, someone puts a new track on and now I gotta figure out how to dance to this one. I am going to have to do some serious catching up when I’m well enough to exercise again. NO FAIR!!

Also I think I have found out what the female equivalent to man-flu is, you know man-flu… those of you who have a man in your life, not only do I wish you only pretty things in life (and am I insanely the right amount of jealous) but also I pray for you, you know that if your man has even the slightest sniffle he is bed bound and demanding soup and being sung to about small furry animals. Although I am not bed bound, partly cos I am awesome and partly cos ain’t nobody got time fo dat (I seized that opportunity like a BOSS… oh look that , another one), I feel like the tonsils are where all my emotions are manufactured and they are on strike. It’s either that or the fact that madam mad-red-18-wheeler-trucker also decided shes staying at Hotel Liezel for the next 5-7 days! For free! Bitch!! I’m thinking its both… LOVE BEING A FEMALE BTW!! A pic repost is in order me thinks.

Period, hormones

uh huh!


3 thoughts on “Tonsillitis… Wait, WHAT?!

  1. Sooooo funny! And… Colourful!
    Don’t worry- I’m sure Hilary also has her off days 😉


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