3 is a crowd!

Lately everything has been happening in 3’s… Well ok not EVERYTHING but last time I checked I was still a female soooo I have the right to exaggerate, slightly.

I picked up 3kg’s about a week ago. All of a sudden. I mean the food forced me! I had no choice! Don’t look at me…

Aaaaanyway, yeah,so I picked up 3 big ones. Now for you to understand why that’s a big deal you need to know that as I stated before I am a female and I have been camping since end of January. Granted just cos I’m camping doesn’t mean I’ve been eating camping food. I started off eating well and cutting the bad stuff out but lately I have been eating like I was stuck inside on a cold day and had nothing better to do. (think about it…)  So I was genuinely upset when the scale shouted at me. So I sucked it up (and in) and concentrated more on what I eat and have been exercising every day for about 2 weeks now. Now what I have learnt from this experience is… STAY OFF OF THE SCALE!! Oh and that if I just pay a little more attention to what I eat its possible to lose 3kg’s in a week. YES I DID!! Oh and look at that… another 3.

Push ups monster

My Photoshop skill are limited, so imagine him doing push ups…

At bootcamp last week I was doing girly push-ups like a boss, eating them up like I was the Push-up Monster, then the instructor said, if they are getting too easy try doing the proper push-ups. Now, the difference between girly push-ups and proper push-ups is the girly ones you do on your knees, so its less weight on your arms, the proper ones are done on your feet so its a lot more weight on your arms. I tried doing a proper push-up about 2 weeks ago when my older brother wanted to know how good bootcamp was treating me… I fell on my face. Not the best way to show off but it will come. So when the instructor said proper push-ups I cringed a little but being the beast I am (someone has to say it) I settled in to see if I could do any, and I did 3… granted the last one was wonky but I did them. I never knew that something so seemingly insignificant could have such a positive effect. I felt great, felt like I should train even harder cos obviously something is working.

Fast & Furious 6

hummanah hummanah hummanah – Monica

Oh and just to prove my theory of everything happening in 3’s lately… we have Iron Man 3 that recently came out on cinema and the Fast and the Furious 6 (thats 2 x 3’s in there, baby) oh and if you watch Fast and the Furious 6 you will see 3 very yummy men! Sooo there you have it, theory proven. Sorta!


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