Change = Holiday


Like this, except no smiles and a lot more junk.

Sometimes I look at that saying and I think… HELL NO! There is no way that getting a new haircut or changing a room around in the house can be as good as a holiday, and then at other times I think. If only I could change something. Who actually rests when they go on holiday anyways. Half your holiday time is spent in a cramped up car on your way to holiday place where YOU have to prepare holiday food and still maintain some level of hygiene, cause lets face it, germs take no days off. You don’t end up resting at all, you end up rushing from this place where you heard they make this amazing pie, to this other place where you wanted to buy this little crappy souvenir, which will end up braking on your cramped up way home anyway. Usually people go on holiday where they have family as well so that’s a whole new rush on it’s own. Gotta make time to see everyone so that no one is upset and anyone. HOLIDAY?! I call BULL FECES! (I wanted to say the other word but you know…)

Mermaid Hair

See, lovely long hair… also, it covers the boobies.

So in light of this I will opt for the change part of our little heading there. Change… WHAT do you change tho? I am already working on the change of body option, and lesbe honest, Rome wasn’t built in a day… but I’m sure more of Rome was built in the time it is taking me to get, well, built. I’m not changing my hair, the only change I would consider would be a haircut and I want mermaid hair (don’t bother googling it cos I don’t want blue hair, to me mermaid hair is long enough to cover the breasteses) soooooo none of that, thank you. So what about changing the room, yeah that’s a plan, but it gets old real quick, especially if you only move stuff around and don’t add new things, and come on, we all want to add new things. So that leaves me with taking up a hobby or something of that sorts… As I have never been one for hobbies like stamp collecting or painting/drawing or anything like that I am thinking of doing some courses. Courses have the added bonus of giving me something to add to my CV. BUT… (yes there’s always a but) what courses do I do? Should I do? Won’t bore me into next Tuesday? Will keep me interested?

I recently started doing high school maths to scare my brain out of hibernation where it has been for the last 7 years. I have been thinking a lot about doing some courses in stuff like business management or project management, but recently I started thinking what if I did sports science or any course to do with biology (which I am not sure exists). Maybe I should learn a new language like Spanish – I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. But then I thought, WEB DESIGN or a course that would further my knowledge of the things that almost run our lives. Many times I get asked to fix this thing on a PC or help with this or that, but all that stuff is easy. I want to master the hard stuff. To prevent any of this happening – shame.

As you can see, ek is so deurmekaar soos krismis kots in n tuimeldroër (very confused), so any other suggestions would be great, or just you know, a slap longside the head.


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