Phoenix vs Swank – The15 Week Challenge

Bootcamp, bootcamp, bootcamp… If it wasn’t for bootcamp I think I would have been on a fast decent into madness, right now its a slow leisurely cruise. The scenic route, to stop and take pictures of the madness around me. Bootcamp has opened up deeper things in me that I had forgotten was there. As I wrote in this post and this one – I want to be built like Hilary Swank and recently I have added Jessica Biel to the list of inspirational hot bods, and my date is the 1st of September 2013. Up till last week I had not really done much other than bootcamp twice a week. Last week something happened, I could not wait to exercise so the whole week I would do exercise on my own on the days that I didn’t go camping. I think it might be that I spoke to our camping instructor and she say that it can be done in 12 weeks and the 1st of September is now 15 weeks away, OR it could be that my best friend challenged me to see who lost the most kg’s and cm’s from now till the 1st. In the words of Mr Barney Stinson – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! So now it is Phoenix vs Swank.

Phoenix, Swank, Leopard Print Princess

Oh it is ON!!

The funniest thing is that in the almost 14 years that we have known each other and the maybe 12 years that we have been best friends we have never been competitive with each other and had never known that we could be. This is a whole new side to our friendship, and I like it. I always knew that Phoenix (seriously its not her real name – she does also blog though, here it is: Leopard Print Princess) is very driven and competitive, but my role in those situations had always been that of the one-woman-cheerleading-squad. Whether it was her competing with a fellow student for the best marks in a certain subject or her competing with herself to make jewelery. Now I am torn between cheering her on and wanting to leave her in the dust that is my own ambition (which is slowly coming out of a 6 year long hibernation). We had an interesting moment last week during bootcamp where we ended up tag teaming against the rest of the camp. we would push each other to stay well ahead of the others. I think thats the best move. Healthy competitiveness and still being able to cheer each other on. Or maybe its just because we have such a rich history.

Leopard Print Princess, phoenix, Swank

Best person to do any challenge with!!

Whats the aim of the challenge? Well last year we went for a photo shoot, this year we are going for one again in September. The one that loses pays for the other ones shoot. Its a small incentive, but I think we both are so ready for a massive change that its just a minor incentive. That being said, it doesn’t make working hard and eating clean any easier. Our instructor’s exact words to me when I told her what I want – “It is possible, with hard work and eating clean, you can achieve it in 12 weeks” (well she said it in Afrikaans so its not EXACT words). We had looked at doing the Warrior Race thingy on the 11th of May but we had missed the registration and they had already been sold out. For those of you that have not heard of Warrior go here. It is looks a lot like Tough Mudder. Next year we want to do it. I want to be able to do the Black Ops one… you can think for yourself what that means. I have a long way to go, as it stand I can barely make it through a 30 mins Action Netball game without being kaput. CARDIO HERE WE COME!! Skipping is not enough.

Cardio, Zombie

Gots to be ready for this…

What are you doing to challenge yourself?


4 thoughts on “Phoenix vs Swank – The15 Week Challenge

  1. Hooha! I see what you are doing here – making this whole thing public and all. Very clever ne! I just want to say one thing……………………………………………………………<————that's me running ahead of you whilst you were waiting for my next thought. Muahaha… Ok that was lame…


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