So after the story about the Princess and the Pauper I thought it wise to give some encouragement to not only myself but any other Princesses that have fallen for the pauper/s (yes, there are loads of them) and not waited for the Prince. I know first hand that waiting for the Prince is not always fun, wait who am I kidding… its never fun. But we have more to look forward to. I won’t type a lot here cos I want you to watch the video and really listen to the words, let them sink into your soul and spirit. (even if you are a guy this applies, cos Princes are out there falling for the servant girl in hopes that she is a Princess in disguise – I almost want to say… only  in the movies)

We are Princesses waiting for our Prince, not only the man who we will spend the rest of our lives with but also, the Prince of Peace. We have to make sure that our lives portray our love for our coming Prince and that we live lives that He would be proud of.

On that note… this amazing new blogger has a heart for being a Princess. THE Princess God had in mind when he created you, I mean its all in the name Leopard Print Princess.  Please go have a read on her blog, here is an extract from one of my favorite posts thus far

“How can we ever even begin to doubt our value when He had a plan for us from before our hearts even started to beat? You are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made! What happened in our lives that we lost this revelation? We are walking, breathing, seeing, hearing, speaking… LIVING MIRACLES!

And whilst you ponder on that little thought, take note that I refer to ‘WE’, meaning that that even that person who upset you off in traffic or that friend that hurt you or whoever did whatever to do wrong by you – they are miracles too! Once you start seeing their value, you will be able to treat them with the same reverence that they deserve for being miracles.

Think about it and really start living your life as if you understand the value of each and every heartbeat. God’s DNA is in you and without out it, would you really be reading this?”


3 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. Thanks Lukraakvars! You inspire me to be a fearless princess – just by being you. You are a warrior princess – step aside Xena!


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