The Princess and The Pauper, Part 2

He was handsome and had the typical villager male look about him, that look that screams “broken hearts for free here”. She ignored the little voice inside her telling her its no good, thinking how bad can it be? They started talking and dancing and having a good time. She started to go to the tavern just to see him, would cancel plans with her Father to see him. The pauper boy didn’t know she was a princess, when he first saw her she was as plain looking as the rest of the village girls. The same hair, the same dresses, same shoes. Nothing about her screamed royalty, not even a ring. So he treated her as he would treat any other village girl. The pauper boy had not had an easy life and this made it hard for him to treat Princess Layla the way that she should be treated even just as a woman. Life did not treat him with kindness and his motto for life was “life isn’t fair”, and he went through life not expecting much in the way of kindness or fairness.

From the beginning her Father told her that the pauper boy was not Prince Charming, he would not treat her the way she deserved, but Layla still powered ahead. Reveling in the attention the pauper gave her… at first. Then one day he slowly he started to withdraw from her, avoiding her when she came into the tavern. Going in a different direction when he saw her coming down the street. She did everything in her power to try and keep him from pulling away, she would take little gifts, even give pieces of her heart just so he would not reject her. She started feeling like he no longer had any interest in her, this slowly started breaking her heart until one day as she was going into the tavern she saw him holding hands with one of the other village girls.  Deep in her heart her Father’s words ringed “… won’t treat you the way you deserve, like the daughter of the King”. She left the village, not able to cry anymore not angry either for some reason. She went home to seek out her Father who was in her room, putting a gift box on her bed. Her eyes welled up as she ran into his embrace. He held her as she cried into his chest, softly stroking her hair and telling her that He loves her more than words can say.

When her crying had stopped her Father sat on her bed with her on His lap. “My dear Layla, sweet girl, do you not know that you are priceless?” He said holding her face. “Don’t you know that I have planned for Prince Charming to come? That he is coming as fast as he can?”

Princess Layla started to cry again and He rocked her back and forth. “I’m sorry Father, please forgive my impatience. I just thought that maybe if I blend in with the villagers then maybe I could find Prince Charming amongst them. Thought that if I didn’t act like a princess then I wouldn’t intimidate anyone”

Sadness entered her Father’s eyes, “Layla, how can you expect a pauper boy to treat you like a princess if you are wearing a servant girl’s dress, if you are acting like a servant girl. You didn’t tell him that you are a princess. Can you blame him for not treating you how you deserved to be treated?” She shook her head, fresh tears falling down her face.

“I always have the best planned for you and I want you to want the best for yourself and only the best. But never mind this now,” her Father said, standing up “open your gift. I noticed that you needed a new one” She opened the lid of the gift box to find the most beautiful white dress inside. She looked at her Father in surprise, feeling so undeserving of this new garment.


Isaiah 62:3 You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God

Placing her crown on her head and wiping her tears away, he said “You will never stop being my daughter. I am the King and you are my daughter, you should always be proud of that and wear your royalty with pride”

The End


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