Gotta do this more often!

After The King’s Feast I had not gone to bootcamp again, there was another conference with 2 other amazing guys from Bethel, Danny Silk and Kris Vallotton, they were amazing. I will have to get back into the swing of things this week with bootcamp. Last week I exercised on my own for the first time in ages. I skipped and did lunges and so on… just so you know, skipping bare foot, 6am, at the start of winter (yes, Johannesburg has no autumn or spring, just summer and winter) – not so smart. That skipping rope was hitting the tips of my toes so hard it felt like knives were being stuck into them. I wanted to cry a little, but I didn’t cos I’m tough like that.

Most of the time...

Most of the time…

I have only done it once though. Getting up early to exercise is not that easy, but it is doable. So I should suck it up. 1st of September is less than 5 months away, that goes by really fast. I think I should at least skip every morning, nothing like getting the old heart rate up and kicking so early in the morning. I mean you do feel like dying but, then you live like my old buddy buck from Ice Age. I HAVE to exercise all through winter, my body’s ass will be kicked by exercise and not by the constant want of food and hot chocolate. I WILL WIN!!! Shouting that makes me want to kick something and scream THIS. IS. SPARTA!! Oh yes, you know what I mean.


Oh yes…

So tonight is the first bootcamp in about 2 weeks… AGAIN. I think I might die, I wrote in this post that I really shouldn’t miss bootcamp this often and what do I do? Yeah, I miss it. But in my defense, I can always exercise, when I put my mind to it. I will, however, not always be able to go to amazing conferences. Burpees will always be there to kill me or worse… (There is worse! There is always worse with burpees), but these conferences do not always happen.


How I feel… or will feel tonight

We have to stay as spiritually fit as we are physically fit, no wait, we have to be more spiritually fit because our fight is not against flesh and bloodMaar ‘n gesonde liggaam huisves ‘n gesonde gees. So Liezel, suck it up, drop down and give yourself fifty!


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