Taking a break… Not so smart

Wow, no post for the whole of March. Just shows how hectic it has been. From kitchen teas and bachelorettes to rehearsal dinners and the most amazing Weirdly Wonderful Wedding ever.

Weirdly Wonderful Wedding

Fairy tale!!

March has been a busy month it also had a lot of public holidays and long weekends and the food, oh the food. I also missed 2 weeks of bootcamp, and when I returned last week I felt like I had missed a month. Then our instructor told me that it takes about 2 weeks for a person to lose his/her fitness… 2 weeks!! Thats about the time of a half decent holiday, and who exercises on holiday anyways? Naturally it takes about 3 months to get fit, but hey, why should things be easy, or fair? This week I am only doing bootcamp once also so I will have to at least do something on my own (Wait, that sounds familiar) otherwise next week will be the same, DEATH!

On the plus side, I have lost some weight, about 5kgs. Even with all the food and not exercising, so that is exciting. It needs to happen faster now. Maybe taking a break was smart, now I can shock my body again, but this time its just a little shock. Like instead of getting struck by lightning, you touch an electric fence – Its a shock but its not the same.

The King's Feast

Great things are going to happen!!

I’m excited about the rest of this week. The King’s Feast starts tonight, it is an annual conference that the network of churches I belong to has and every year it is amazing. Previously it had been held at a resort type place where camping would be required. This year it is held in Johannesburg which is great cos hey, I live here. The most exciting part is that Eric Johnson is coming. Ok, I know that most of you don’t know who I am talking about. Quick breakdown – as far as I know – Eric Johnson is the son of Bill Johnson who is the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California – USA.  This is also where the awesome Jesus Culture and Bethel Live comes from.

Jesus Culture

No words… youtube them.

Oh and Brian and Jenn Johnson (who are worship leaders in Bethel) – son and daughter-in-law to Bill Johnson. Now, I can hear you saying “what is your point, woman?”, my point is, God is doing something in Bethel (not that he isn’t doing something all over the world but still, I did 1 year of their BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) training, even though it was not live but via DVD it was life changing. We had teachings from both Bill and Eric and God has given them so much wisdom and knowledge and such a level of faith. There are testimonies of miracles that make me want to move to Redding. And Eric is coming to South Africa, to a small probably 1000 people maximum conference that my church has every year. THAT my friend, is something to get excited about. Here are some testimonies… 

I know this post started out differently, but hey, you came here expecting randomness… So here, have a listen to this song, by my favorite worship team – Jesus Culture. It is sung by Kim Walker and Martin Smith who used to be in the band called Delirious?, this song breaks me open every time.


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