Frustrated much?

Ok so the last few days have been frustrating, between being hungry ALL the time and being tired ALL the time i have no time to be cranky ALL the time, oh, no wait, got that covered too! Its really hard to stay positive when your body just won’t play ball. You know what I mean? I did some wiki-ing (get it?) up on what foods give you energy and also what foods make you tired, my conclusion? Well I won’t be eating that muffin AND the chocolate filled dipped doughnut for breakfast anymore. Yeah cos that IS what I was eating every morning. (I do realise that sarcasm can not be conveyed through text so for your fyi… that was sarcasm)

Doughnuts Muffins

I usually only eat 4, maybe I should cut down to 3.5? *rolling eyes*

I do think I am slightly anemic and that does lead to being tired all the time. So I shall be like Popeye and start eating spinach… its better than liver. YUK!!!  Spinach is high in iron, which helps for being anemic.

Also, on the exercise front I feel like I am failing. I set my alarm for 5am this morning in the hopes that I would wake with a spring in my step and make some friends with that skipping rope. I barely looked at it, I treated it like that friend who got drunk and puked in your bed. I set my alarm for an hour later and went back to sleep. which by the way is a BAD IDEA! Have you ever woken up and then gone back to sleep for just and hour or so? You wake up tired after that second session. The brain is weird, mind you Pinky aint much better. (you will laugh when you get it). At this rate if I don’t start exercising on my own as well as doing bootcamp I won’t reach any of my goals. Newest goal being “I want to be toned/ripped by 1 September… what better way to celebrate spring day? But at the pace I’m going it’s not going to happen. This is the part where you yell at the screen and say “stay positive, Liezel”.

Woman, you have to keep going - otherwise what else will I read on while I pretend to work?

Woman, you have to keep going – otherwise what else will I read on while I pretend to work?

Actually, I think God must have been reading this post as I was writing it, cos while I was busy Someone from church, we shall cal him Mr X, showed up and asked me how bootcamp was going and naturally I had a minor non-adult moment that stopped just short of me fetal-positioning it, sucking my thumb. He encouraged me and said that it takes about 6-8 weeks for results to start showing, he also gave me some tips on what to eat for optimal GI consumption and so on. What really helped was when he measured my heart rate per minute… ON HIS PHONE (iPhone, pfft). Now I don’t know if you know this but an averagely healthy person’s at-rest bpm is 72, the healthier and fitter you are the lower it is and obviously the more unhealthy and couch potato-y you are the higher it is. Mine was at 62bpm… that, to me is pretty good, considering. Mr X said that between 50-59 at-rest bpm is the best, then you are really fit. Whhooooo Haaaaa! Romans 8:28 at its most personal… Thank you Jesus!!!

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


3 thoughts on “Frustrated much?

  1. Liezel… who said it was going to be easy…. keep your goals and keep going. it’s not just the goal that you need to concentrate on… It’s the lifestyle that you need to follow. it’s not easy to get into a healthy lifestyle but I know how determined you are and I KNOW that you are going to make the changes that you need to make and we are all there to support you no matter what. Love you babes….


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