The Makings of a Fitness Junkie

As you all know I have recently started bootcamping my way into shape. I have 2, 1 hours sessions a week and then I play 30 mins of fast paced action netball once a week. Last week Thursday’s workout was so intense on my legs that they had been sore till Sunday. Well so far my legs have had no time to rest, I had bootcamp on Monday and Tuesday and played netball again on Wednesday and then last night had bootcamp again. The great thing is that no 2 bootcamps are the same so the muscles are always kept on their toes. This is all part of a wee little experiment I want to do to see if I am ready to up my exercise to 3 camps a week or if my body can’t handle all that awesomeness yet, and I’m thinking that I am ready for it! I feel great this morning.


Me yesterday… (not REALLY me)

The Phoenix-effect was also proven when my best friend (we shall call her Phoenix, cos you know, it works) came camping with me on Tuesday, she had not done such intense exercise for a while and said that she really enjoyed it. The day after I asked how she was feeling and she said great… phoenix-effect (don’t you dare steal that phrase!) is proven. You die during the exercise but you rise up stronger the next day. Although 2 days later you feel like a train had hit every individual cell in your muscle, you crash harder than a junky on E!!

Jim Carrey, Red Bull

or like Jim Carrey on Red bull…

I’m starting to like exercise so much that our instructor gave me a spare skipping rope she had so that I can do some skipping in the mornings. What is 5 minutes out of my day anyways? Who knows maybe I will be doing exercise every day soon… I’m on the way to Fitness Junkie club, on a slow-ass party bus, but I’m on my way! I’m even getting better with burpees, even with all the leg pain. I felt like I had phantom legs on Tuesday, you know like they are going to give in on me at any second and make me fall flat on my face. But alas, they didn’t, Gravity you lost that round!

I heard somewhere and read a few places that the goal “look” I have, Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby, was due to injectables… what a dream killer! But hey, she still looked great and if I can look like her without sticking myself full of hormones then I think that’s pretty awesome, I mean who needs MORE hormones anyways? Just wait a few weeks, those hormones kick in like clockwork. Then I might not look like Swanky here but I sure as hell will fight like her, you know what I’m saying?

Period, hormones

Every girls thoughts. Period!


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