Bootcamp… The Return

So most of you have read my first post about bootcamp, if you haven’t, here you go. In yesterday’s session I really felt like I was going to die, it was not as bad as Monday’s session tho… ons het maaikies met n springtou gemaak. I have not skipped that much since I was in primary school and doing cartwheels as part of playing. We have not done Burpees again yet, which is good because I saw a video on youtube on what a burpee is supposed to look like… and I cringed. Oh how I wish I never grew up, as a child I was so active, all over the freakin place all the time. I look at my niece who is 5 now and she DOES. NOT. STOP!!! she climbed a mountain top to bottom and still had energy afterwards. Then I think to myself, a few years ago I was like that. I am very hyperactive, but when you aren’t eating healthily and not exercising regularly your body starts to change I suppose.

Anyways, as I was laying in bed this morning I was thinking that, every time I go to bootcamp I think, surely I WILL DIE!! But then I get home afterwards, and I feel amazing, my skin even feels softer. Go figure! I think exercising is like what happens to the phoenix when it dies… It burns up and then rises out of the ashes, healthy and strong. Same thing with bootcamp, during every session I die, but by the next session I am stronger and can push myself further.

Phoenix Rishing

It is kinda like this, but with less burning and you know… you don’t REALLY die!

I made a goal for myself for this year, not a new years resolution, cos that is crap. My goal started out as wanting to have a bod like Mrs. Hilary Swank…

Million Dollar Baby, Abs, Hilary Swank

Those arms, those abs!!! Your argument is invalid!

Oh you know exactly what I’m talking about. Million Dollar Baby. Oscar winning performance. ^Dat Body!

Ok, back to the goal, then I read THIS BLOG, the blogger calls himself a muscle nerd and he is basically talking about how we need to just focus on getting fit, toned and being healthy, and explained how peoples bodies are different. Go read it yourself to get the full picture. So I decided that I will for now just concentrate on rising up out of the ashes, stronger and fitter than last time.  Yes I still have a long way to go but what is the journey if you don’t have a destination? Or better yet why race if there is no finish line?

To end I’d like to leave you with this video…

One day I will be able to do at least 10 of these, as a start.


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