4 Favourite Sites

In today’s day and age the internet is part of the fabric of our lives. Everyone has email, Faceboook, that Twitter thing, Pintrest. If I knew more social media sites I would name them… Or if I cared more about social media sites I would know more (FYI I don’t care). So maybe it is only fitting that I have a list of my 4 favourite sites, note: NOT social media sites. Making lists is not my strong point but here goes:


Damn You Auto Correct

Ouch… that was a little well… yes.



Sooo much better than milk…

I stumbled upon this site a few years ago, I can’t remember how, I just remember laughing all the way. It also helps that I do not like iPhone and most of the posts are just from iPhone bugger-ups. The sad thing is that there are not a lot of new posts each day so you can’t spend a lot of time laughing. So I leave it for about a month and then I have about an hour’s worth of good solid funnies. There is a book full of the best auto corrects, but why buy the book when you can even view this site on your phone. Kinda like, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Answer, you don’t, you drink all the milk and leave the cow to get fat so you can get biltong (oh yes, I went there)


Texts From Last Night

Oh to be young…

Ok,  this site is slightly in need of PG… the above extract is one of the more decent ones, BUT this is a guilty pleasures site. I could site for hours and read these posts. You know how you always see friends telling other drunk friends not to drink and dial, well this site is a compilation of drinking and texting. You know that episode in How I Met Your Mother (The Pineapple Incident)

How I met Your Mother

What the…

where Ted gets drunk and keeps calling Robin and then ends up with a random chick in his bed… same concept. TFLN is just a way for the whole world to see your extremely funny/bad/slutty/stupid texts while you stay anonymous. I learned about this site in a magazine and at the time I thought nothing of it, then one day I was bored and remembered the site and it was all downhill from there. My housemate (at that time) and I used to email each other lists of the funniest ones. Granted I do feel like sitting on the shower floor hugging my legs after reading too many so I take long breaks from the site. What you behold is what you become, wat die hart van vol is loop die mond van oor. Every now and then I go back and have a read and laugh… laughing is good.


Cyanide & Happiness

Fire is out… I am amazing.

This is one of the funniest sites I have seen, EVER. Its an online comic strip, I don’t know how many creators they have but that stuff is FUNNY! A friend told me about Cyanide and Happiness about 2 years ago. As with the other 2 sites I don’t live on this site, some of their stuff just doesn’t sit right with me and I have to go away for a while to just gather my good feelings again, but then they have hilarious other ones also. I love the way the cartoons’ faces display their emotions throughout the comics. There is also a constant flow of comics coming but if you go on every day you would get about 5 new ones (I would know). Do yourself a favour and check them out… if you have a slightly twisted sense of humour. I have seen some of these comics being reposted by other supposedly funny sites… I find the source to be the best.

And for the número uno of sites…



I remember exactly how I stumbled upon this site… a friend sent me an email in which there where pictures of that dumbass Piranha 3D movie, so I researched piranha’s on the net and sure as Cracked had written a piece about these little bliksems. From that first article I read on Cracked I was hooked. Its humorous, its informative and it is endless. You might recognise the format in which I have written this post… Thank you Cracked.

Michelangelo, David


These guys do research about each article they write, it is thanks to them that I know that most modern day movies put teal and orange together to attract attention, it is thanks to them that I know why Michelangelo sculpted David’s teeny weeny so, well, teeny… want to know why go to the link, and this article shook me when I read it.To me this site is like playing trivial pursuit, but only funnier and more informative… oh and I always win. They also have videos, in which you can see the geniuses behind the creation. In my book, CRACKED is the best website out there.


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