Boot camp AKA slow death!!

I don’t know what you think when you hear “BOOT CAMP”, maybe a picture of a bald Demi Moore all bloodied up and screaming at her drill Sergeant whilest doing one handed push-ups with her legs far apart comes to mind, or maybe you just think of any army/war based movie and think- leopard crawling under barbed wire with a gun on your back through thick mud with bombs going off 50m from where you are crapping your pants and keeping your head down.

Demi Moore

Show me a more badass woman than this…

This is what I thought when a friend told me about an exercise program that she instructs. I decided to join… twice a week. A little part of me has died 3 times since I started 2 weeks ago. An hour of intense training (not as hectic as up top there, but hectic enough) push ups, skipping, running, sit ups, planks, SIDE planks and loads more, oh and who can forget the dreaded BURPEE!!! This little gem of exercise is praised for being a full body exercise because it uses your body weight to sculpt everything from arms to legs to stomach… if you do it right. I shall let the illustration speak for itself.


Said no one EVER!! (at least not me… YET)



First you drop down into a squat position with your hands on the ground, then you push your feet back in a quick motion for a front plank position. Then you quickly get back into the squat position, hands still on the ground (at this point you might feel the urge to let out a subtle RRRRiiiibbbiiiiitttt), from the squat position you try to jump (in my case slowly stand) into the upright position… where everything starts again. We use a 3kg ball that we pick up as we are getting up from the squat position… Jippee, added weight.

When my brother used to play rugby in high school I used to watch him at practice and the guys did these, NON STOP! I remember the way they would walk off of the field afterwards… if what they did could be called walking. I think if the girls trained as intensely in netball then we would all have been unstoppable.

This boot camp thing is great, I might sound like I dislike it, but there is a certain satisfactory feeling in the pain and burn of your muscles the day after. One day I will say that I love burpees, granted, that day is faaaaaar off. For now I can say I love boot camp.


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