Well, that escalated quickly.

I know this is a subject that has been covered many times and we all know where that quote comes from. Will Farrell as Ron Burgandy made it famous in 2004’s Anchorman.  Today it is used by loads and loads of internet users to illustrate that a certain situation has gone too far and basically has nothing to do with the initial argument (cos, lets face it, the internet is nothing but a pool of insults and small-man syndromes ). Even in conversations with friends around a table where the one says “I went to the mall today to buy my spider some food and a friend reacts by saying “a mall is the altar where consumerism is worshiped and where your dreams turn into nightmares where your brain gets pulled out your scull by gremlins and washed with jaggermeister and break fluid” … one of the other spaced-out-on-air friends will at this point pipe up and say “well that escalated quickly”


Preferably whilst sporting a mo like that and definitely that hair

I love reading internet arguments, I like to get some popcorn and put my feet up as I cringe at the fact that they guy is being called gay, his mother is being called a very very mean word and that he has the social intellect of a slug crossed with a mushroom… and all of this because he made a spelling error. He cant help that the “t” and the “g” are that close together on the keyboard and he can also not help that you feel that everyone is calling you a retard that is why you think he would finish a message with Kind Retards. This website has the best article written about it I have read in a while.


Of all the things you could have done or said…

I think if a random someone had to pop into the middle of these arguments and just pop a “well, that escalated quickly” in there just for the fun it might lighten up the mood… or it might just lead to that person being attacked for interrupting their argument. Nothing unites like a common mocker or maybe ice cream, definitely shots.

So that being said I leave you with this funny the levels of internet argument dickary that you get: Apologies for the swearwords.

I like to think of myself as a level 1

I like to think of myself as a level 1


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