Anger Issues

Anger Management


I’m pretty sure you have watched Anger Management, with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson… Did it also make you a little frustrated? It made me frustrated that his girlfriend went to THAT extent just to make him snap, and kind off grow a back bone. In my mind the movie would have played out much differently had it been me in Adam’s shoes. I would have snapped in the wrong way. Blood would have flowed in that movie if it was me. Now I don’t get enraged very quickly, but push me far enough and you had better be wearing bullet proof everything!!

I don’t believe that getting angry is very productive, I watched Never Back Down 2the other night and the sensei said to the lead actor “an angry mind is a narrow mind… and it makes you less productive”. I concur!!!

Chocolate Cake.

Yummy… CAKE!!!

As jy kwaad word, word jy dom! Dis asof die woede jou breinselle op strike sit! EEEEDJITS! Think about all the valuable time you spent being angry at something or someone, when you could have spent that time eating cake?

Cake is good… I love cake! Maybe even baking a cake… as long as cake has the lead and supporting role, its all good… very good!!

Skillet - Monster

This secret side of me, I never let you see, I keep it caged but I can’t control it…

Anyways, so what do I do when I get angry? I get violent, I blame/thank growing up with brothers and male cousins all bigger than me (And I’m big to begin with, so, let that just stretch your mind quick). Our house was like survival of the fittest, only the death rate wasn’t AS high. To calm myself down I used to listen to Disturbed/ Bullet for my Valentine or music in that head bang genre. As you can imagine listening to songs like Down with the Sickness and Tears Don’t Fall didn’t really help, it fuelled it more than anything. Then I discovered Monster by Skillet… Well now THAT made me feel better. Now a days I try not to listen to the angry sounding music when I am angry… 2 wrongs don’t make a happy. Come to think of it… the anger hasn’t been so bad lately. With God’s help I might be having a hold on this one… can’t hold me down.

What do YOU do to reign in your anger?


2 thoughts on “Anger Issues

  1. Oe jussie! What a topic! Eish but I get mad very quickly!

    Dis darm maar ‘n lelike parasiet wat op jou geluk kom fester.
    Ek was vdag leke be-choings. Het somme my broer se drom stel aangeval bydi huis! I get the angry music not being helpful- but damn, nothing helps me get rid of all that pent up stuff than the sounds of drums being beaten within an inch of their existence.


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