Point of View

I read this status on the book of faces today… Babies everywhere and I started thinking. The person (who shall not be named) who wrote said status has been in a long term relationship for, well, a long time. Which led me to thinking, and I’m no expert here, that the life of a human is made up of stages… almost like check points in a game. The life of female and male does not have the same type or amount of check points but they are there. Taunting us. Turning our lives into a constant competition. A fight to make it to the next level before another person. An almost evil game, a race… depends on your point of view obviously.

So this person that had been in a relationship for long now has passed quite a few check points in my opinion. In the female game these are the most obvious check points. 1. Born, 2. Grow teeth, crawl, walk (we check em all at once boys) 3. Grow hair as long as Rapunzel (that’s my little niece’s dream – she’s 4), skip a few until after puberty, then comes the meet a boy part, and the fall in love part, and the date part. Now if you have reached most of the check points then you don’t really bother with them anymore, don’t notice them. Kind of like people who had gone through school… they don’t still go to school and sit around in the classes. They still think back but they move along, just like I am now. Yes, so you start to look for the next check point. The logical check point in your mind… after school comes university or for some getting hammered in some European country on a gap year (Eurotrip comes to mind) and THEN university. So after being in a relationship for a while comes the obvious thoughts of marriage and family and babies.

I don’t notice babies cos they are ugly and well I’m not in a relationship, haven’t played that level yet. Not found the Good Man check point yet so my point of view is different. What I notice is all the lovey dovey stuffs. The couples, the chick flicks, the chocolates, the flowers, the stuffed things and all things romantical or pukey. Not babies, not even puppies (sometimes)… Kittens I notice cos there is nothing and I mean NOTHING as cute as a kitten.

Now the men have about a very basic game with minimal check points and levels which mostly include guns, blood and sex. Kind of like Spartacus (the series)… if they had the imagination (even Spartacus is directed by a woman). Some of the check points would be 1. Born, 2. Grow taller, 3. Find out where this weird attraction to boobs comes from, 4. Touch boobs, 5. Show dominance by kicking the biggest ouks ass, 6. Have sex. And somewhere in between all that, learn to walk. But that is just from a female point of view… you see it’s all about point of view and perspective.

So, if we change the perspective then the game will change… or will it? Or will we miss out on awesome levels in the game and miss all the great things we could have picked up (STD included – which wouldn’t count as great)? Or will we end up in the dragon’s lair sitting on the treasure and no weapon or shield? Ah well, if you don’t play, you won’t know. How’s that for an answer?


4 thoughts on “Point of View

  1. Baie interessant! I’m not sure what to make of it to be honest. I like that there are check points, but I also like that everybody has a different undiscovered map, and they check different points according to the map given them… so for some it’s car (check), man (check), job (check), babies (check), etc… and then for others it’s job (check), leave job and travel the world (check), man-thing (check), more world travelling (check), marriage (check), etc… That’s super cool!


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