Random things…

Oh what an eventful week…

My car’s head gasket blew, now if what my car did and sounded like before I found out this little snippet of information is anything to go by I will be using the phrase ‘don’t blow a gasket’ a little less. Unless of course there’s a person turning a shade that can only be described as dangerous and there’s smoke coming out of every orifice in their head, you know like on the cartoons – I’m talking GOOD cartoons not like the ones that Cartoon Network is forcing into the minds of our not-so-innocent young. Cartoons like Flinstones, Tom and Jerry, Sylvester and Tweety, Dexter’s Laboratory, 2 Stupid Dogs… you know the old ones. The funny ones. Nowadays’ cartoons are like brain farts… the substances in the screenwriter’s brains that don’t get used and sooo farted out. Buuuuut, that’s a topic for a different blog… (gotta save these things up you know)

Yes, so, car threw a hissy fit… and then my trusty laptop had a meltdown. Kind of like a girl does sometimes… you know one day she will prance around feeling on top of the world and the next she’ll be crying because her car broke down. A friend of mine suspects that it might be the graphics card. My dad says that I just need to download new driver. So I asked him to help me do it, now this is where I go on my knees and that God for how far technology has come and how it has simplified AND complicated our lives comprehensively (that right there is a BIG word). On the one hand there’s talk of graphics cards and drivers and such that was not really around say 10 years ago and on the other hand my dad (who lives 1 600km away in the most awesome city in the world… CAPE TOWN) Can help me fix my computer via Teamviewer. That’s when someone works on your computer from their own computer… freaky stuff. But thank God for technology.

Which brings me to the next part… my new phone. I feel I must admit that I am slightly addicted to the goodness that is Blackberry. Now everyone does not have to agree with me and I’m sure that in the UK and USA that its different but Blackberry in South Africa has a HUGE market. Kind of like the iPhone’s market in USA. Blackberry has been around for ages but up until recently it has been an executive phone – for the on the go, I’m too busy to stop, work-a-holic. Way too expensive and then they brought out the Nokia 3310 of Blackberry’s: The 8520, affordable for EVERYONE. Next thing you know people are going around asking for pins and what not. Had me thinking the world was in a sewing stupor, only to find out about BBM… Blackberry Messenger. Which makes the Blackberry much more affordable. It’s like Skype but for your phone. So if 2 people have blackberries they can send messages, photo’s, voice notes and video clips all for free. Now, I have had bad luck with Blackberries… my first one went on an all coffee diet and lost the will to speak (the microphone died) and the second one got stolen, I’m on my 3rd blackberry in the space of a year… It hurts me! So now my newest one is a full on touch screen piece of magic. The 9380 Curve… awesome phone. Got a great display, 5 megapixel camera, really accurate letter detection (I made that phrase up) it also types really fast for a touch screen, accurate GPS system, geo-tagging… it can even Skype. Can we say GENIUS!!

Ok enough about the phone… So the new car that I am thinking of getting is (drrrrrrrrum rrrrrrrrrol) the Kia Picanto (the new one) in the blue or the black or maybe the silvery charcoal colour. I found an awesome website www.picantoleaks.com where they talk about Kia and give some interesting information about the production of this awesome little car. It is real affordable as well, brand new it will cost you R99 999… Rounded to a full R100 000. The thing that gets me is insurance, that alone is almost a monthly payment on a car and the fact that I’m under 25 makes it so much more. Honestly, I know 30year olds that drive more recklessly than me and they still pay less than R1 000 on insurance. HOW!!?? WHY!!?? Ah well, some things just have to be that way I suppose. I have 2 more months to save for little Kia (who will be named at a later stage… any ideas?) now if only my car, cell phone and laptop would play along.


4 thoughts on “Random things…

  1. Wow! That’s a mouth full of randomness! Lol! Things are looking up doll. New cellphone and pretty soon a new car (maybe a laptop too?). Its all in your attitude towards the curve balls that life tends to throw at you – and my, o my, you sure know how to see a positive in some negative bollie! You deserve only good things – and they are coming hunny! XxX (beeg hug, little hug, beeg hug)


  2. i just reached the part about the Nokia 3310 of Blackberrys…. Rolled on the floor laughing and obviously stopped reading…


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