Sho, it has been almost 2 weeks, I feel bad… kinda. Have not known what to write about sooooo here I am, blabbeling away. Have you ever caught yourself driving in the car and  happily singing along with whatever is on the radio and then all of a sudden you realize, but wait I have not kissed a girl and liked it… yeah that happened to me the other day. So it got me thinking, SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING!!! Its all around us, now relax I’m not going to suggest we put tin foil hats on and start studying crop circles, even though it would be beneficial… maar ek lieg…  Think about it though, in the time that Katy Perry’s song Kissed a Girl came out if you were old enough (or young enough) to get into the night clubs, you would witness tonnes of girls (usually off their face drunk) kissing other girls simply cos the song almost called for a demonstration of just how much they liked it, kan ek nou maar net se dat AL die girls nadityd sou se “maar dit was maar net om die song uit te leef”… Uh huh!!! Or how about good ‘ol Flo Rida’s Low… everyone would go low low low low as the song said… ja ja dit is net soos die moves vir daai Cha Cha Slide song ( wat NOGSTEEDS in MEESTE Afrikaanse Langarm plekke regoor Suid-Afrika speel) doen, I almost want to say thats different, but is it??? Just because it’s words to a well known song does that make it acceptable to “leef dit uit”?

Personally, I dont have anything against doing moves to a song,  when I was about 8, I was dancing to ALL the Spice Girl’s songs and not just me I tell you, the whole dang boarding school’s girls would get together and put a cassette (THAT boys and girls was the olden day CD or flash stick) on and figure out dance routines to the words of the song, but lets remember that the songs were semi-clean. No mention of guys’ or girls’ anatomy touching and what not. Doing dance routines to most of today’s songs would require Parental Guidance and would most probably be rated R, I mean honestly the grandparents of today are nooooot impressed. Meisiekind, jy weet in my dae het ons disco toe gegaan en ons was voor middernag al by die huis en ons het gin sulke vulgere musiek soos die jeug van vandag geluister nie… That being said there are some awesome new songs as well, that are suitable for the whole family. I mean, I would be shocked if I heard my 4 year old niece sing about kissing a girl and liking it. Eish, but what can we really do? Refuse to listen to the radio? Not so easy… Oh but to be fair, I do love music and if I don’t like the song thats playing I’ll change the channel, and to be quite honest to some its a  guilty pleasure singing along to these songs, cos if you sit and think about it… it’s only a song… Hmmm? Food for thought.



  1. Good point you are making there. Its actually quite scary when you start listening to the words of the songs. Nickleback, for instance, they have some excellent tuneage, but the majority of their songs are LOADED with sexual content. And they aren’t even subtle about it! Take a listen to Midnight Queen – hectic stuff! But we like the beat, now don’t we?


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